What is Wet Pack Therapy?

  • It comes under the water therapy. It is simple, yet most practical and effective therapy one could do.
  • there is no risk involved or any age limitations in it. Also it is more suitable for weaker patients, whose powers of reaction are less vigorous.
  • basically we use this therapy for stimulation. Till the internal heat reacts to the mild cooling effect of the wet sheet.
  • If the pack takes less time to become warm, it would mean that the one’s power of reaction and vital energies are strong.
  • One could easily add on the therapy, into their daily routine for its plenty of health benefits.

What does VidhiSatva's Wet Pack Includes?

This kit comes with 3 total clothes - 1 big and 2 small.

Each cloth is made of cotton.

  • One for For Abdomen
  • One for Neck
  • One for Forehead

Major health benefits

  • It is a tonic of great efficacy, both in acute and chronic afflictions, whether seemingly localised in the digestive organs or not.
  • It will be also useful in all acute conditions of bedridden patients, whose powers of reaction are good.
  • Good in acute cases, where the Vital Force is assertive, as in high fever. Accidents are to be classed as acute troubles.
  • Increase Blood circulation
  • When applied on the neck, it helps get rid of thyroid problems.
  • A powerful way to detox the body
  • Tones up the stomach and helps get rid of excess fat.
  • When applied on the forehead, It helps get rid of headaches or migraines and draw away excess heat from the brain.
  • Relives acidity, bloating, constipation, stomach pain, and colitis.

Best time to apply

  • You can apply this pack upto 3 to 4 times in a day. But if you’re busy, in the morning and the evening, 2 hours prior to lunch would be the best.
  • You can reduce it to the morning only, Depend on your routine and need.also, if applied after the lunch, it will help in digestion process.
  • But remember one should not eat anything along with the therapy.

How to apply

  • Simply drench the wet pack in the cold water (Room Temperature, or in lukewarm water in winter.
  • Wrap a big cotton strip around the abdomen such that half of it lies above the navel and half below it. Tuck it properly so that it doesn’t fall off.
  • Wrap one small cotton strip around your forehead and tuck it from the end.
  • Similarly, wrap the other small cotton strip around the neck.
  • Let it be applied for 30 minutes.


Wet Pack for Therapy, 100% Cotton

₹599.00 Regular Price
₹449.00Sale Price

    This is Hand made Standard High Quality Wet Pack by विधीSATVA.

  • Size

    Abdominal 88” X 10”

    Neck and Forehead 2.5” X 42”

  • Material

    Cotton Cloth

  • Color


  • Quality