Edible Wood Pressed Oils. Yes? or No?

Can we consume edible Oils while following Natural Satvic Lifestyle?

  • No, Oils are not recommended in Natural Satvic Lifestyle, even if they are cold-pressed.

  • There's a reason why Mother Nature gives us coconut, but not coconut oil, mustard seeds but not mustard oil.

  • Eat whole foods, straight from Nature, the way you find them in Nature.

  • When we make oil, we extract only the fat from the whole food. So oil is a highly concentrated food item and thus is difficult for our body to digest.

  • Hence, it accumulates in our organs and blocks their functioning.

  • Oil especially when cooked is highly toxic.

  • Most refined oils that you get in the market are heated at high temperatures to increase their shelf life.

  • As an alternative - add freshly grated coconut to your food instead of coconut oil. Add the whole avocado, instead of avocado oil.

  • However, you can apply coconut oil to your skin & hair

  • At VidhiSatva, We have Kachi Ghani Wood pressed Oils which are edible for our body including our skin & Hair.

  • These Wood pressed oils are prepared fresh in front of the Vidhisatva Team before delivering to customers.

  • As these cold-pressed/Wood pressed oils do not contain any preservatives/ chemicals so their shelf life is very short. We recommend storing our Oils in the refrigerator once you get your order.

  • What is Kachi Ghani Oil? Wood Pressed Oil? or Cold Pressed Oil? We will cover this in detail in our next post.

Hare Krishna!

Happy Healing.

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